Evolution Of Courage Trading

Courage Trading PVT LTD Company took over Sikos Trading Company in 2019. Sikos Trading Company had been trading a number of products including brands i.e Eazicolor, Eazicare, and Belini Hair Color since 2015. 

Courage Trading PVT LTD contains a team of highly trained professionals. Our field staff plays a significant role in the business. Besides administrative professionals, the company has expert, responsive, detail-oriented and adaptable field workers. They are prompt in their responses to questions, concerns, and important feedback from customers. Sikos Trading Company has multiple brands to trade; Eazicolor, Belini Hair Color, and Eazicare are on top of the list. Some products are consumer products while others are for professional use. Consumer products i.e Eazicolor Men kit pack, and Eazicolor Women Kit packs are made available in retail markets for being used by their consumers directly, while Professional Products i.e Eazicolor Professional Tubes are made available to beauticians and professionals only.
These companies deal with Belini Hair Color, Eazicare, and Color-Inn Truskin. Sikos Trading Company trades products of PBS (Professional Beauty Solutions) Pvt Ltd. PBS is the manufacturer of these products and has joint ventures with Professional Beauty Systems Ltd Renfrew – Scotland The United Kingdom.