Belini Hair Color

A registered brand in Pakistan & UK containing hair beauty and manicure pedicure products. We have been trading products world wide for the last 4 years. Hair related products; Belini hair color sachet with 40ml rich creme, no ammonia, and long lasting hair color is available in 7 shades. While the Belini kit pack 50ml with 12 shades as well as Imported manicure and pedicure tools traded in the market. Within such a shorter period belini grew up vertically and now, Belini is a highly demanded brand around the world. Because of its best quality and compatible price ranges, Belini holds a greater segment of the marketplace.

Get gorgeous color from root to tip with belini permanent hair color. Find our best permanent hair color for every hair type and need. Choose the right brand of color for even the most stubborn grays. Get matte, glossy depth and dimension, or make a bold statement with fashionable, bold color.

Hina Altaf with Belini
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